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Chicago Producer: Jon Silver

Short Film:  Lamby’s Day Out Chosen for:  Producer Producer:  Jon Silver Description:  A “Producer” is a person who oversees all aspects of a production.  This can … Read more »

Chicago Costume Designer: Allison Dillard

Short Film:  Color of War Chosen for:  Costume Designer Costume Designer:  Allison Dillard Description:  A “Costume Designer” is a person who designs costumes for a film, stage, … Read more »

Chicago DP: Robert Patrick Stern

Short Film:  Only Thunder Chosen for:  Director of Photography Director of Photography: Robert Patrick Stern Description: A “Director of Photography” is the chief over all camera crews working … Read more »

Chicago Supervising Producer: Angie Gaffney

Short Film:  The Jamz  (TV Series) Chosen for:  Supervising Producer Supervising Producer: Angie Gaffney Description: A “Supervising Producer” is a person who oversees all aspects of a video … Read more »