Canon 5D Mark III VIDEO

For those of you who haven’t already heard, Canon has released the 5D Mark III.


As a Founder/Producer/Shooter at JJack Productions the Video Capabilities of the Mark III are what really matter to me. Here is a quick overview of the video advantages of the Mark III:

-No longer limited to 12 Min clips (Now 30 Min!)

-Moire Reduction

-Headphone jack to monitor audio

-Photo: Silent Shutter Mode


“Full HD video recording is supported in multiple formats, including 1080/30p, 24p, 25p; 720/60p, 50p; 480/30p, 25p. While recording video, a 4GB automatic file partition is employed in order to gain longer continuous recording times, up to 29 minutes 59 seconds. Both All i-frame and IPB compressions are supported as well as the standard H.264/MPEG -4 AVC codec. Embedding the time code is also possible for greater convenience when recording with multiple cameras.

Video performance is further enhanced with the ability to manually adjust your exposure settings and audio levels while recording. By employing Live View, you can view your recording on the LCD and make settings changes with a dedicated menu tab on the fly. The DIGIC 5+ processor also dramatically improves video response times and helps to reduce color artifacts, aberrations, and moirĂ©”(

Written by: Justin Jackola (Founder)

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