$50 for Every Person You Know Getting Married!

JJack Productions would like to offer you a sweet deal. How many people do you know right now that are getting married? We bet a ton! Does each one of them already have a Wedding Videographer? We bet NOT! For every one of those people, we will give you $50 cash for referring them to use JJack Productions as their Wedding Videographer!


A couple simple rules apply:

-You can refer as MANY people as you would like! (10 people = $500.00!)

-The Individual you referred MUST give consent that you were in fact the person that referred them. Approval of consent is entirely up to the interpretation of JJack Productions.

-$50 Cash will be handed to you within one week after the client gives their down payment.

-Deal ends in 30 Days (Saturday June 16th at 11:59 pm) This does not mean they have to get married in 30 days, it just means you have to let us know about the wedding and send us contact information in the next 30 days.



Send your friend this link so they know what a “Movie Wedding” really is:



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